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Meánscoil Gharman opened for the first time in September 2007 to meet the Irish-language second level education needs of County Wexford.

We are the first all-Irish Secondary School in County Wexford and we are still the only all-Irish school. Based in Brownswood, just outside Enniscorthy on the road to Wexford. The school started with 7 students (boys and girls) in 2007 and now we have 250 students here.

Our students come from English and Irish primary schools around Ireland (Student’s from both English and Irish Primary Schools choose to study here from all over the county). Currently, Meánscoil Gharman welcomes students from all backgrounds and students interested in second-level education through Irish. 

Principal, Norah Harpur

The House

Brownswood House, Enniscorthy.

A house famous as a school, hospital and birthplace of Eileen Gray, architect, furniture designer and pioneer of the architectural dualism movement. Indeed, Katherine Eileen Moray Smith was born on the 9th of August 1978 here in Teachcoilan Brown, Enniscorthy!

Family, Art, Architecture & Design

James McLaren Smith, Eileen’s father, was an artist who supported his daughter to follow her desire in the Arts. Whereas, her mother was Eveleen Pounden, grand daughter of French Stuart, 10th Earl of Moray. Accordingly, named Lady Gray in 1895. Later, she separated from her husband and her children took the surname Gray after that.

Eileen was a quiet girl who loved the people of Enniscorthy. In fact, she was very impressed with nature, especially the area around Enniscorthy. Gray split his childhood between Brownswood House in Ireland and the home of The Boltons, in Kensington, London. Later, Eileen Gray was presented as a debutante at Buckingham Palace in 1898. Afterwards Gray’s serious art education began in 1900 at the Slade School in London.


Unquestionably, Eileen loved the Arts, architecture and design. Eventually, in 1917, she was hired to redesign the Rue de Lota apartment of society hostess Juliette Lévy. As a result, the furniture included some of Eileen Gray’s most famous designs  For example, Brick Screen, le destin, Model E1027 Side Table, and the Bibendum Chair.

On the 31 October 1976 aged 98, Eileen Gray passed away in Paris, France.  Prior to passing away she rebuilt her white cubist home, E.1027 . Currently, many of her art works are in museums for example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and National Museum of Ireland.

Projects with
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Welcoming students from all backgrounds and always students who are interested in receiving their second level education through Irish. We aim to provide a first-class education to each and every student who chooses to attend Meánscoil Gharman Secondary School.

Being a small school that fosters a caring atmosphere. Naturally, everyone from teachers, students, parents and the school’s support staff know each other and we always look out for each other.

Principal, Norah Harpur
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Norah Harpur
Príomhoide & Múinteoir Ábhair Fraincis & Gaeilge
The Irish have a huge connection with Spain and we try to develop that love for all things Spanish in MSG. Our school offer an exchange programme with a school in the beautiful region of Teruel. We help our students to communicate through the language at every opportunity. Viva el castellano.
Mac Bionáid
Múinteoir Ábhair Spáinnís & Stair
William Thurston, “mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it's about understanding.” 
Edel Céitinn
Múinteoir Ábhair Mata, Gaeilge & Stadéir Riomhaireachta
Meánscoil Gharman an all Irish secondary school in wexford Ireland wins a sports trophy
Four students standing together in the doorway at Meánscoil Gharman an all Irish secondary school in wexford Ireland
Students smile in their school classroom before class at Meánscoil Gharman an all Irish secondary school in wexford Ireland
students at Meánscoil Gharman an all Irish secondary school in wexford Ireland

Our Students

At Meánscoil Gharman we pride ourselves in the personal and academic development of our students. Resulting in students that  graduate as mature, responsible and self-confident young adults ready to take their place in a diverse society.

About Our


Meánscoil Gharman

Welcome to our school and all the incredible facilities we have to offer!

Essentially, our school is dedicated to providing students with a wide range of resources and opportunities to support their academic and personal growth.


We hope that this overview of our facilities gives you a sense of all the amazing opportunities available to our students. While, as a team we are committed to providing a supportive, engaging, and empowering environment for all our students.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

students with tools

Art Facilities

First up, we have Meánscoil Gharman art facilities. This state-of-the-art art room is fully equipped with a kiln. Naturally, this space has been created as a place where students can create and fire their own ceramic pieces. Essentially, a creative space where students can explore different mediums and express their artistic talents.


Science Facilities

Second, we have Meánscoil Gharman Science Facilities. Therefore the laboratory and physics room are outfitted with the latest equipment and technology. Altogether supporting hands-on learning and experimentation. Equally important are the Meánscoil Gharman science teachers. While passionate about their subjects they are committed to helping students discover the wonders of the natural world!


Music Facilities

Third, for music lovers, we have a dedicated Music Room with a variety of instruments available, including guitars, pianos, ukuleles, and drums. Without a doubt, this is a welcoming space where students can hone their musical skills, collaborate with others, and express themselves through music!


Technological Facilities

Fourth, are the Meánscoil Gharman technological facilities. Particularly the computer room,  records facilities, technology room, and graph tech room. While, students can develop their computer and technological skills. Likewise they can work on graphic design projects, and explore new digital media.

Also, for Meánscoil Gharman students interested in woodworking. For instance a technology room and woodworking machine. In fact, this space is fully equipped with everything students need to create their own woodworking projects. For example, designing, planning building and finishing!


Home Economic Facilities

Fifth, the Meánscoil Gharman facilities below area. This great space includes for example a kitchen, sewing machine, and washing machine. Available to students who are interested in cooking, sewing, or learning life skills related to home management. What’s more, for self-development, we have a well-stocked library for example a study axes for directed study.


While, our guidance counselor is available to help students with academic and personal issues. In addition to a Speaking Circle that provides a supportive space for students. For example as they practice their Irish language skills therefore connecting with their cultural heritage.


Sports Facilities

Finally, we have excellent sports facilities, in addition to a basketball court. There are both a football pitch, and soccer pitch. Likewise, we have both basketball and GAA teams (Hall and Gaelic Football). Especially for students who are interested in sports and want to participate in school athletics.

Our Achievements


Some Press over the years

Meánscoil Gharman Local & National Press

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Three Wexford entries through to BT Young Scientist & Technology exhibition ...Students from FCJ Bunclody and Meanscoil Gharman secured entry into the finals of the initiative which is one of the most prestigious events open to students throughout the county each year....Read More!
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BT Young Scientist: Special Award winners 2023 - BEST PROJECT IN IRISH - Social & Behavioural Sciences – Intermediate: Clarisse Ní Chonchubhair, Sadbh Bonnington, Patrick Cox; Imscrúdú ar an Éifeacht atá ag Binaural Beats ar an gcodladh; Meanscoil Gharman..Read More!
History made at Meanscoil Loch Gharman -LEAVING Certificate 2013 was a very special occasion at Meánscoil Loch Gharman in Brownswood, just outside Enniscorthy. The first class from the school ever to take the examination assembled in the school - all nine of them...Read more!
TG4 crew films story of Eileen Gray at Brownswood House - AN ENNISCORTHY stately home turned school campus has been visited by a crew from Tile Films making a TG4 television series. 'Cé a Chónaigh i mo Theachsa' Manchán Magan visited Brownswood House, the former home of internationally renowned designer Eileen Gray....Read more!
History is made as Meánscoil Gharman stages its first school musical -THE students and staff in Meánscoil Gharman created their own bit of history recently when they staged their first ever musical in the form of the Broadway hit, ‘Annie’....Read more!

Meánscoil Gharman 'Annie' at the Athenaeum

A lovely moment came in the sing off of the song ‘Tomorrow’ when the full company sang some of the song ‘As Gaeilge’ as befitting an All-Irish language Secondary School.
Brendan Keane
Enniscorthy Guardian Newspaper
Our first ever musical!


Recently, we staged the Broadway musical ‘Annie’ at the Athenaeum, a period theatre in Enniscorthy, County Wexford. Absolutely heartwarming this story was performed by our performing arts students. Indeed, they were supported by our head of music, Clare Kavanagh as musical director. In addition to an excellent production team and enthusiastic audience.

Currently we are looking forward to our next production and will share details soon!

A map of the world that has part of the community from Meánscoil Gharman an all Irish secondary school in wexford Ireland

Our Community

We pride ourselves in fostering an inclusive and supportive international community.

Meánscoil Gharman is a vibrant community where students learn, grow, and make lasting connections.

Join us as we celebrate diversity, friendship, and empowerment within our school and beyond!